Many new van owners, especially those who have always been car drivers are quite surprised at the noise levels within a van when driving, and a non insulated sound proofed van can very often be noisy and uncomfortable to travel in.

Huets offer acoustic and thermal insulation solutions for vans, motorhomes and other leisure vehicles.

Our product range consists of brand leading manufacturers such as Dynamat and Silent Coat and we are always happy to offer good honest advice to any custom solution you require.

Sound proofing for Vans is essential for the driver and passengers to enjoy a more relaxed journey:
  • It will reduce your stress caused by road noise, engine noise and vehicle vibrations
  • You will be able to talk with rather than shout at your passengers
  • And most importantly be able to listen to and enjoy your vehicle entertainment systems be it visual or audio
Vehicle and Van Sound Proofing & Insulation

To best reduce road noise is normally a two part process which consists of using a sound proofing product such as Dynamat to all internal panels in the rear of the vehicle. This includes door panels, side panels, roof and floor, and most important of all, the wheel arches!

The second stage of the process is to bond a rock wool based insulation product / plastic fibrous product onto the sound proofing. Any other cavernous areas are also filled with insulation.

The results give a vast reduction in noise and drumming from your vehicle, prevent build up of condensation and also makes the vehicle warmer in winter and cooler through the summer.

The next stage in making your vehicle more comfortable is to ply line and trim the van, which also adds to the soundproofing and insulation using a quality acoustic carpet.